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Physical Signs Sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy Unexplained injuries, especially to the genital area Pain, bleeding, or discharge in the genitals, anus, or mouth Persistent or recurring pain with urination or bowel movements Toileting accidents unrelated to toilet training.

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If you suspect someone you know might be experiencing domestic abuse, there are some obvious physical signs such as bruising or injuries, or the covering up of injuries (such as wearing a long-sleeve top on a hot day) - but others are deceptive, manifesting in behaviours rather than a physical appearance. Other signs of physical abuse include: Bruises (particularly indicative of abuse if observed in infants and immobile children) Broken or fractured bones, or evidence of old fractures Burns or scalds, particularly to the feet or the bottom Lacerations to the body or mouth Bite marks Scarring.

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1.2) Possible effects of physical abuse Physical abuse can lead directly to neurological damage, physical injuries, disability and in extreme cases death. Physical abuse has been linked to aggressive behaviour in children, emotional and behavioural problems and learning difficulties. (Source: /www.secasa.co). 2) Emotional Abuse.

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Emotional abuse can hurt and cause damage just as physical abuse does. However, signs of emotional abuse include: Withdrawn behaviour- child may not join in with others or appear to be having fun Attention- seeking behaviour Low self-esteem and confidence Stammering and stuttering Tantrums beyond the expected age Telling lies and even stealing.

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With these two signs of physical abuse, the child may be hoarse and/or have a cough, especially immediately and shortly after the choking or hanging incident. Damage to the larynx can occur in more severe cases. In extreme incidences, the neck may be broken. Signs of physical abuse #5: Smothering and Drowning.

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Signs of physical abuse are: fractures; bruising; burns; pain; marks; not wanting to be touched; Psychological or emotional abuse. Psychological or emotional abuse is harmful behaviour that can cause mental distress. It can involve both verbal and non-verbal abuse which can scare, humiliate and isolate a person. This may include:.

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Attention seeking behaviours – telling lies, clinging to an adult and craving attention, Low self esteem and low confidence. Self harming ( in older children). Changes in behaviour – such as aggression, anger, hostility or hyperactivity. Depression, anxiety or a sudden loss of self confidence. An apparent lack of supervision.

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Behavioural signs and symptoms of drug use. It is important to remember that many of these signs may simply be normal signs of adolescence or may be due to some other cause rather than drug use. Therefore, it would be wise to speak to us before reaching conclusions. • Marked and uncharacteristic mood swings. • Deterioration in personal.

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